‘Restart’ Job Fair
Channel A and The Dong-A Ilbo, in alliance with the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry puts on ‘Restart Job' Fair. The ‘Restart Job' Fair targets retirees and people who have taken an extensive hiatus from the workforce and gives them an opportunity to network and explore new careers for them. In 2014, the ‘Restart Job' Fair garnered 125 businesses and other public institutions, and over 40,000 job seekers participated. Those searching for jobs are allowed to hand in their resumes, have an on-the-spot interview, and receive professional advice from recruiters.
Public Briefing Session of ‘Exodus Out of North Korea’
In 2012, Channel A released a documentary film entitled ‘Exodus Out of North Korea,’ which depicts a 20-day journey of North Korean refugees escaping into South Korea.
Channel A producers followed and filmed the pressing and tense moments of a group of North Korean refugees trying to escape into China from the incredibly harsh reign of dictator Kim Jong-Un. Put under extreme circumstances and incredible danger, these North Koreans risk their lives to escape and create a better life for themselves.
This briefing session was hosted by a North Korean refugee, Ayoung Yoon, along with 100 students and adults who applied to receive an invitation to this session. The panelists included Seokhoon Ma, the owner of a nursing home for North Korean children, and Seungwon Yang and Taeyeon Kang who are the co-directors and co-producers of this documentary film. Yang and Kang were both honored with the Platinum Remi Award at the 2014 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.
• Channel A and The Dong-A Ilbo hosts an Open Recruitment Conference and Job Fair every year for young job seekers. The former is an open conference discussing ways to increase jobs for the younger generation, and the latter gives these new job seekers an opportunity to network and explore different career options they may have interests in. •Many of Channel A’s broadcasting stars participate in the company’s philanthropy activities. The North Korean Defectors in the variety show Now on My Way to Meet You volunteered as honorary ambassadors at the “North Korean Human Rights Movie Festival,” creating awareness about the current issues surrounding North Korea. • Channel A hosted the 'Camp Greaves Peace Forum' at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), where various events commemorating the Korean War was held. • Channel A allows its viewers to participate in different aspects of its broadcasting process. Every year, Channel A hosts a contest where participants come up with creative and appropriate content ideas to be featured on Channel A.
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